Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zoozoo and What it says about Indians

Many of you have seen Zoozoo advertisements of Vodafone. 
I got curious at the shape of these characters. Why do we (Indians) like them.
They resemble the typical shape an Indian has with a large midsection. Hence an indian audience
implicitly (subconsciously) accept these characters.
I think that such an adversitement would not have a great following or accpetance in western countries. They have been fed with perfect figures of superman, spiderman, etc.


pankaj said...

i think you are reading too much into the video. Don't children find round chubby teddy bears cute

scadza said...

Just a thought. I am not claiming it to true in any way. Just a coincidence perhaps.

Also it would look odd if characters with fit figures and bodies are doing comical things.

Anonymous said...

Your conception of average western figure is very wrong. The USA has way greater percentage of obese people than that of India.