Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quality of Recommended Books

Majority of us are not into reading books. i.e many of us are not well-read.
So only few have crossed 100 books or etc.
So if majority of us are recommending some particular books, say Harry Potter or The Alchemist or The Monk who Sold his Ferrari or Five Point Some One, then if follows that recommendations may not be appropriate or well founded.
Hence Rule of thumb could be that read only those books which Few people suggest and those 
people suggest the book strongly and wholeheartedly.


g2 said...

This is a very good observation.. I had this in mind and have been intending to write a full post on this.. may be this is the inspiration that I needed to get out of the procrastination..

Akshar said...

Like minded people generally offer the best recommendations in my case.