Friday, October 30, 2009

Bottom Up contruction of Octree and Visualization

I along with Ashwin had done a graphics project in which we were supposed to build octree efficiently and to answer near queries for nodes.
The project is here.

Please go through the Readme.
One possible set of instructions to run the code is as follows
1) make
2) make random
3) ./random > input.txt
4) cat input.txt
5) ./octree input.txt
1 (for selecting a node)
1.80277 1.10057 1.23684 (giving the node which basically select any one point from the input.txt ...this is the first random point which was generated)

thats it .... a window will open and use arrow keys to navigate
i = zoom in
o= zoom out

1 comment:

pankaj said...

Thanks for the octree.
I need to implement a similar one, thought i'd use urs. Whats the license :-)

Anyway just a suggestion : please format the code properly. its a pain to read (just read the Oct.h). Open in eclipse, click on the menus Source -> Format Code .